The study-tour for young researchers with participation on the X Conference of Young Physicists in Rzeszów, Poland

May 28 - 30, 2015 | Rzeszów, Poland

Study-tour participants:
  • Phd, Dr. Halyna Hurhula;
  • PhD-student, Ms. Naria Pylyponyuk;
  • Researcher, Mr. Roman Dzumedzey;
  • Student, Mr. Jaroslaw Jaworsky;
The main aims of this travel was participation on the X Conference of Young Physicists in Rzeszów:
  • review of theoretical methods study of the defects structure in semiconductors - Dr. Halyna Hurhula, Ms. Maria Pylyponyuk,
  • review of theoretical and experimental results about carrier scattering in IV-VI solid solutions - Mr. Roman Dzumedzey,
  • present results of dependence of the thermoelectric properties due vacuum evaporation technique for the semiconductor thin films - Mr. Jaroslaw Jaworsky).

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